At Laboling we offer our students a rich and varied programme of afternoon activities in order to continue practicing Italian after class and to strengthen competence in the language.

The activities are held with our teachers or with our collaborators and the programme is different every week, in order to guarantee a wide range of things to choose from.

Here are some of the options on offer:

Milazzo: “il Borgo antico” (the Old Town), the castle, the museum and the beautiful building that houses the library are only a few of the guided tours that we organise during the week in order to introduce you to the most beautiful and interesting places in our city.

Boat trips: from the beginning of summer until late autumn the school organises boat trips to give you the opportunity to see and admire the natural beauty of the peninsular of Milazzo from the sea. We usually stop so as you can have a swim away from the shore.

Cookery: an informal and fun afternoon dedicated to discovering the secrets of Italian food and cookery, including how to prepare typical Sicilian dishes, all whilst drinking some good wine and spending time in good company.

CineLaboling: one afternoon a week is devoted to Italian cinema and the showing of a film, from one of the all-time classics to more recent films.

A journey through Italian cinema: here we study Italian through cinema. This interesting lesson is based around certain scenes and followed by a linguistic analysis.

An invitation to read: this lesson is aimed at those who love reading and would like to get better acquainted with Italian literature. Every lesson is dedicated to a different author.

Speaking with your hands: a seminar on Italian hand gestures and how to use them.

Other cultural activities, amongst others, that characterise our afternoons are: linguistic tandems, nature walks, lunches, trips to the cake shops, wine-tasting evenings and afternoons dedicated to art. We create all sorts of occasions and opportunities for you to practice your Italian in a pleasurable and relaxing way. 

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