Italian course on a sailing boat

Sun, blue skies, crystal clear sea. Sailing on board comfortable and fast sailing boats you can immerse yourself into the magnificent scenery of the Eolian Islands while studying Italian language and culture.

The view will indeed leave you breathless: imposing volcanoes that rise above a blue sea; bays and caves unreachable but by boat; unforgettable sunsets; unique fishing villages; spotless beaches; a fascinating and untamed nature; the traditional hospitality of the Sicilian people.

A unique opportunity for nature lovers and for those who just cannot resist the ever so fascinating Eolian Islands, often chosen as a cinema set for their incomparable beauty (Antonioni, Rossellini, Moretti).

Travel Itinerary 
In the northeastern part of Sicily the Eolian Islands, surrounded by a cobalt blue sea, are the scenery for an unforgettable week cruise with an Italian language and culture course.
Seven islands, all of volcanic origin, with the volcanoes of the islands of Stromboli and Vulcano always active, rich in nature, history, culture and Myths, known and inhabited even before the Hellenes, the ancient Greeks, and immortalized in Homer’s descriptions.
Starting from Portorosa, and sailing along Vulcano, we will head towards the island of Lipari, with its turquoise sea. We will then head to Salina, the greenest island. We will continue sailing towards East and reach the worldly island of Panarea. We will sail around Stromboli after sunset to admire its active volcano light up the night. We will be halfway through our cruise and looking towards the West we will see Filicudi and Alicudi, the most exclusive of the seven Eolian Islands, silently waiting for us.

1 week 720 euro

Price includes
Skipper, accommodation in a double cabin; 7 overnight stays; bed sheets; Italian language and culture course (10 lessons); registration fee; assistance during the entire journey.

Payment method
50% when booking and the rest 30 days before the start of your holiday.

Added costs
About € 25 per day/person for the food provisions, fuel, harbour and boat cleaning fees. A “ship’s kitty” will be organised to take care of these costs. The skipper, however, is exempt.

Embarkation and disembarkation date 
03.10.2020 - 10.10.2020

Departure and Arrival 
Marina di Portorosa (Furnari), Milazzo or Lipari

Italian language and culture course 
The course is held on board as well as on land. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. The exact time of the lessons is agreed upon on location. The teacher is on board for the entire duration of the journey making it possible to speak Italian outside the scheduled lessons as well.


We suggest you bring only essential items, together with a bathing suit and comfortable shoes for the excursions. It is possible to actively participate in sailing the boat. Please bring boat shoes to be used only on board. It is also possible to sleep on deck and in this case we suggest you bring a mat and a sleeping bag. The lessons are held either in the morning or afternoon on board or on land. The program may vary according to weather conditions.

Dates different from those mentioned above may be organised for groups.

The course on board may be preceded or followed by a course at our school in Milazzo.

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