Italian course on the Aeolian Islands


Taking an Italian Course on the Aeolian Islands allows you to fully immerge yourself in the culture, colours and tastes of the Mediterranean and make your stay, and your studies, truly special.

All year round, Laboling offers individual lessons on the island of Lipari and can also organise group courses and lessons on other islands in the archipelago.

Pack of 10 lessons: 300 euros
Pack of 20 lessons: 580 euros

The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands lies just off the coast of Northern Sicily and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is composed of seven islands, all of volcanic origin, and each are unique in terms of their characteristics and natural beauty.

Vulcano is the island nearest to the coast of mainland Sicily and according to the Ancient Greeks, was home to Hephaestus who made weapons and arms for the heroes of mythology deep inside the volcano. Near to the port, there are sulphurous steam jets called “fumarole”, open-air thermal springs and mud baths and a beautiful black sand beach. The sea water can reach quite high temperatures and bubble like the water in a Jacuzzi. For those who love trekking, a path leads right the way up to the “Great Crater” where the breathtaking view of the Aeolian archipelago really opens up.

This is the main and largest island of the seven and is in itself a small city with all the necessary amenities. Its ancient history, nature, black beaches, white pumice mountains and crystalline waters are the crowning glory of this delightful place. The castle is the location of one of the most important Greek-Roman museums in the Mediterranean basin.

The greenest of the Aeolian islands was called “Didyme”, meaning “twins” by the Greeks due to the two extinct volcanoes that make up the island, known as “Fossa delle Felci”, (“Pit of the Ferns”), and “Monte dei Porri”, (“Mountain of the Leeks”). Here locals cultivate capers, an ingredient used a lot in Aeolian cooking, and the grapes that go to make the local Malvasia wine or “Malvasia delle Lipari”, a deliciously liqueur-like wine.  The island gained a new type of international fame after being used as a film set for “Il Postino”, (“The Postman”), a film with Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret.

The most modern island in the group, Panarea is one of the most bewitching islands in the Mediterranean. Along with its tiny islets, (Basiluzzo, Liscia Bianca, Dattilo and Liscia Nera), and rocks it forms its own sort of mini archipelago. Its striking beauty can be admired in the film “L’avventura”, (“The Adventure”), by Michelangelo Antonioni.

Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with small eruptions and explosions taking place almost every hour. You can experience the thrills of the volcanic activity by climbing almost to the crater, (926 metres), with the help of expert guides that organise excursions every day.

A magical island perfect for those who love unspoilt nature, tranquillity, silence and a star-filled sky. Describing the atmosphere is impossible; returning to and following the rhythms of nature must be experienced to be understood.

Far from mass tourism and with very few inhabitants, Alicudi has no need for real streets and it’s possible to go around the entire island either on foot or with a donkey. There are no cars, motorbikes or bicycles here; nor are there discos, fast food outlets or fashionable restaurants. The only sounds are those of the sea and the wind. An enchanting, almost mystical place, where you can rediscover a way of life that is now almost completely lost.    

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