Italian, sailing and trekking

Sail and hike around the Aeolian Islands whilst learning to speak Italian
Sail away towards secluded bays before making your way inland and heading for more remote spots, all while practising your Italian with your hiking guide and the skipper. With our “Italian, Sail and Trekking” programme on the Aeolian Islands, we offer you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the language in an original and effective way. Discover these beautiful islands both from the sea and on land with daily treks towards the peaks of both active and extinct volcanoes, taking in the flora and fauna and unique, weather-beaten landscapes of some of the most enchanting places in the Mediterranean.

Here, you’ll learn the language in a practical manner in different travel situations, concentrating mainly on spoken communication, which can then be put into practice with the guide, the skipper and on the islands themselves. During the hikes, you’ll be following ancient paths to reach long-forgotten places where you can then reward your hard trek by admiring the views of the beautiful blue skies and crystal clear waters that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The Aeolian Islands, situated just off the North-East coast of Sicily, are the perfect place to relax on this unique holiday, having fun both at sea and on dry land. The seven islands, all of volcanic origin, including the constantly active Stromboli and Vulcano, are rich in natural beauty, cultural history and myths. They were discovered and inhabited even before the time of the ancient Greeks and were immortalised in Homer’s works.

Travel Itinerary
Leaving mainland Sicily behind we reach Vulcano, where the Great Crater is easily accessible. On reaching the summit you can really appreciate the view as well as having the chance to walk around the rim of the crater itself. Afterwards, we sail towards Lipari and its turquoise waters. Once on the island we reach the western slope with its steep incline right on the sea and walk as far as the springs of St. Calogero, the oldest in the Mediterranean. Next we head towards Salina with the highest peak in the Aeolian Islands, “Fossa delle Felci”, which can be reached by various routes that showcase the rich vegetation and plant life of the mountains, even in the warmer months. Back on the boat and continuing east we arrive at Panarea, the most fashionable of the archipelago, and in leaving behind the main populated area head towards the ancient settlement of “Punta Milazzese” which then leads on to “Punta del Corvo” where you can appreciate a strategic view of all seven islands. Stromboli is simply magnificent and with the volcanologist guide we’ll climb towards the crater in the late afternoon in order to reach the point known as “Pizzo sopra la Fossa” at around sunset, from where you can watch Stromboli’s spectacular eruptions. Turning your gaze eastwards Filicudi and Alicudi, the most secluded islands of the archipelago, come into view. Filicudi, with its prehistoric village of “Capo Graziano” and the Fossa Mountain, offers diverse nature trails. Alicudi is the most remote of the Aeolian Islands and this helps to make it appear even more wild and distant and from the top of “Filo dell’Arpa” you lose yourself in the beauty and magnificence of the nature before you.

1 week 690 euro

Price includes
Skipper, hiking guide, 7 nights accommodation in a double cabin, sheets, support for the entire trip, dinghy and speedboat, boat cleaning.

Payment method
50% when booking and the rest 30 days before the start of your holiday.

Additional costs
Around 25 euros a day for food, fuel, port fees and bus or taxi transfers to or from some places on the excursions. A “ship’s kitty” will be organised to take care of these costs. The skipper, however, is exempt. The trek to the top of Stromboli requires a volcano guide at a cost of 30 euros per person. 

Boarding and disembarking
16.05.2020 - 23.05.2020
10.10.2020 - 17.10.2020

Boarding port and disembarking port
Marina di Portorosa, Furnari, (Province of Messina)

Nearest airports
Catania - Fontanarossa
Palermo - Falcone Borsellino
Trapani - Vincenzo Florio

Tips and more
Travel with a soft and uncumbersome bag that can easily be stored on board. We advise you to bring only the essentials with you, but as well as a swimming costume a pair of comfortable shoes for the hiking excursions are a must. Throughout the trip you can take an active role in the everyday life and workings of the boat. Bring boat/deck shoes with light-coloured soles with you for use only when on board. The program may vary according to weather conditions.

Land excursions are conducted at the speed of the group and to take part you just have to be in good health. The heights vary from around 400 meters in Vulcano to over 900 metres in Salina and Stromboli. Apart from the climb up Strombli, where the times and duration are decided by the volcano guide and the excursion takes place in the late afternoon in order to come back after dark, the rest of the excursions normally take place in the morning. Bring hiking boots, a 30 litre rucksack, fleece, wind jacket, drinking bottle, pocket torch or a light that attaches to your head or hat. 

Italian language and culture course
The Italian, Sail and Trekking programme may be preceded or followed by a course at our school in Milazzo.

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