The School

The School

Laboling - The school of Italian in Sicily - was founded in 1994 and it is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education. The school is open the whole year. Our main premises are in Milazzo, but we also organise courses in the Aeolian Islands and on board a sailboat.

Where we are
The school is in Milazzo, Sicily, in the old town not far away from the port for the Aeolian Islands and from the Cathedral. Our classrooms are well-lit and equipped with air conditioning. Our students can use of the school internet point for free.

Italian language courses
Course levels and contents comply with the standards set by the Council of Europe and the Common European Framework for Languages. The Italian language courses are divided into six different levels: A1 - A2, B1 - B2 and C1 - C2.

CILS examination
At Laboling it is possible to sit the CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) exam, due to an agreement with Università per Stranieri di Siena. Besides standard group classes you can attend specific preparation classes for the CILS exam.

Teacher Training - DITALS examination
At Laboling, training courses for teachers of Italian as a foreign language are held. It is also possible to sit the DITALS (Certificazione di Competenza in Didattica dell'Italiano a Stranieri) examination thanks to an agreement with Università per Stranieri di Siena.

Accommodation for the students is directly selected by the school. There are different possibilities according to the students' needs. Although flats, houses and hotels are located in the town centre or close to it, they are all in very quiet neighbourhoods a few minutes walk from the school.

Milazzo is located at the beginning of a long peninsula stretching from the mainland towards the Aeolian Islands. The town is dominated by the ancient Castle and it is surrounded by the sea.

The western beach is very long with a view of the islands of Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Lipari and Vulcano. The sunsets you can admire from here are simply unique and unforgettable.

Leaving the port with its hectic pace, there is the town hall built in neoclassical style, here the rhythm slows down on a human scale. The fish market, close to the old town centre, transports visitors to the old life-style of fishermen. From here you can walk to the shops, the beaches and the pubs, bars and discos.

Milazzo has always been a favourite holiday place for Italians and you can experience the true Italian lifestyle.

Free time activities
There are various ways to spend your free time in Milazzo and the Aeolian Islands.
Moreover, students can join the school programme of leisure activities, trips and other cultural or entertainment initiatives organised during the week and at weekends.

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