Bildungsurlaub - CSN - Bildungskarenz

GERMANY: Bildungsurlaub
Our Intensive Course Plus (30 lessons per week) is recognized as Bildungsurlaub, after an agreement signed with the Ministry of Education of the following Bundesländer:

- Berlin
- Brandenburg
- Hamburg
- Hessen
- Rheinland-Pfalz
- Saarland
- Sachsen-Anhalt
- Thüringen

When you register for a course, please indicate the competent Bundesland.

Swedish students can obtain study grants from CSN (Swedish Board of Student Finance) for their Italian course at Laboling.
For the relevant forms and more information, please contact us.

AUSTRIA: Bildungskarenz
The Bildungskarenz offers employees in Austria the opportunity to take a break for further education and training. The Bildungskarenz, that has to be agreed with the employer, gives professionals the chance to improve their language skills and opens new career opportunities.

Our Intensive Course (20 lessons per week) meets the requirements for Bildungskarenz.

Here you can find more information in German.

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