CILS Certification

Certification of Italian as a foreign language
In accordance with the Università per Stranieri die Siena, it is possible to sit the CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera) exam in our school. CILS evaluates and certifies competency levels in the Italian language. It is recognised by the Italian State in collaboration with the Ministry of foreign affairs.

Who needs the CILS certification
Whoever wants to evaluate and certify their level in the Italian language can sit the CILS exam. Preparation can also be done auton omously as levels are independent of each other so a student can sit a higher level without having sat any of the previous levels.

CILS can be used when applying for a job, for teaching Italian, for entry into an Italian university or in any situation where it is necessary to give formal proof of competency levels in the Italian language. The Ministry of the Università e della Ricerca recognises the CILS as a certificate of admission for foreign students to Italian universities: having the CILS Due (B2) means that students both within and outside the European Community are exempt from taking other tests of linguistic ability which universities may ask for. Again, in accordance with the policies of a university, CILS is converted into points that can be utilised in university admission exams. Also, many Italian companies recognise the CILS.

Next exam sessions
The exams can be done in Sicily in the Laboling two times a year in June and in December. The next exam dates for the CILS certification are:
4 June 2020
3 December 2020

To register for the CILS exam it is necessary to fill in the registration form and send it on, with payment, to Laboling at least 50 days prior to the exam.

CILS preparation courses
All courses held by the school are to develop linguistic abilities which is also the objective of the CILS certification. It is also possible to follow a specific CILS preparatory course

CILS levels
CILS has 6 levels. The CILS exams, according to the European Framework, evaluate: listening, reading and comprehension, writing, oral skills, grammar and lexicon.
The CILS certification system covers all six levels of linguistic competency - as stated in the European framework. The 6 levels in CILS have a linguistic competency that gets progressively higher. Levels are autonomous of each other. Each level shows a communicative capacity specific to different contexts.

CILS A1 and CILS A2 are aimed at those who are taking their first steps in the process of learning Italian. The A1 level indicates that the student has just begun to engage with Italian as a second language, while the A2 level indicates a slightly more involved engagement and attests to a competence which is still in the stage of being formed. Neither level assumes an autonomous communicative ability. Both A1 and A2 of the CILS certification process are modularly structured, differentiated according to the needs of the student. There are modules aimed at the children of immigrants who live in Italy, modules aimed at adults whose first language is markedly different from Italian (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) and for children of emigrants from Italy who now live abroad.
The examination at these levels lasts approximately two hours.

CILS-UNO (First level), which corresponds to the B1 level as indicated in the European Framework, assesses the users basic level of competence needed to use Italian with autonomy in authentic everyday contexts.
The examination lasts approximately three hours.

CILS-DUE (Second level) corresponds to B2 of the European Framework and is an intermediate level. Users at this level of competence are able to demonstrate the ability to use the fundamental basics of the language in a wide variety of contexts and situations. At this level, users are capable of using Italian to communicate effectively whilst staying in Italy, be it for reasons of study, work or pleasure. Possession of the certificate at this level allows students from outside the EU to register at university courses without having first to undertake an assessment of their Italian.
The exam lasts about four hours.

CILS-TRE (Third level) is equal to C1 in the European Framework and represents a superior competence in using the Italian language. The user at this level is able to use Italian effectively in a much wider range of contexts. At this level the student can communicate freely in more formal situations, such as dealing with public bodies and in work situations.
The examination lasts about five hours.

CILS-QUATTRO (Fourth level) - C2 in the European Framework - is an advanced level approaching native speaker level. The user has a completely independent use of Italian in all formal and informal situations and the capacity to effectively use Italian in professional contexts.
The examination lasts about five and a half hours.

All exams are produced and evaluated by the Centro Certificazine dell'Università per Stranieri di Siena based on the European Framework. To obtain a CILS certification the candidate must get a pass mark in all the skills tested in the exam. If the candidate only passes some of the abilities the results are transferable and those abilities failed can be repeated in the next exam session. Transferable results are only valid for one year after the exam.

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